The Watershed is Nova Scotia's largest water testing and treatment company.

BEST Water Purification and Filtration companyThe Watershed has been serving mainland Nova Scotia since 1980.  We've been awarded the Consumer Choice Award for 10 years, as the BEST Water Purification and Filtration company.  In addition to providing solutions for all types of water problems, we also drill and hydro-frack wells.  As an extension of these services, we now provide water testing, well and septic inspection packages for real estate transactions.  We are also certified in all aspects of geothermal heating systems, taking advantage of our well drilling and pump expertise.  Come visit our showroom to view an extensive line of products, including well pumps.

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Together with our Septic partner, we do complete well, water and septic inspection packages for Real Estate transactions.  We are fully qualified to perform all aspects of well testing, camera work, water testing, and septic inspections.
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The Watershed is a one-stop solution provider for all your water needs.

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