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The Water Shed was founded by Environmental Technologist Stephen A. Burke in 1980.

Celebrating 40 Years, bringing Nova Scotians Clean water

Consecutivley winning the Consumer Choice Award for 9 Years

The Water Shed is the only place in the Atlantic region that offers this unique mix of products and services. Nobody else in Atlantic Canada combines all this under one roof..

We’re Nova Scotia’s largest water testing and treatment company.

As one of our longstanding services, we offer water testing. In addition, we have a water analysis service to assist and reassure home sellers & buyers during real estate transactions

Well Drilling and Well Services

When it comes to well drilling, well assessments and well services, we are at the ready to help whether you need a brand new well, your well needs a repair, your pump needs to be replaced, or your existing well isn’t producing enough water and needs a boost.

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The Water Shed carries a wide range of top quality water softeners, water treatment systems, well pumps, and other products..

There are a number of possible reasons for your situation. Here are just a few steps you can take to save yourself time and perhaps some money too.

  1. If you have experienced a recent power outage, your “low level cut-off switch” may have shut your pump off. Look at the pressure switch (usually a grey or black box located near the pressure gauge) and follow the instructions on the side of the box closest the reset lever. No luck?
  2. Make sure the breaker or fuses used to operate your pump are not blown and that you have power to your pump. To find the breaker or fuses, follow the wiring from the pressure switch. Turn off the pump’s power supply and check the breaker or fuses. Got power, but still no water?
  3. Check to see if you have water in your well. This could mean having to remove the crock lid on a dug well and taking a look or it could mean removing the well cap from a drilled well and either taking a look or using a “dip string” with a weight on the end. Deep drilled wells are often difficult to sight because the static water level may be 50 feet or more below ground level. Got water, but still no luck?
  4. You may have a pump problem. If you have a jet pump installed somewhere near your pressure tank, check to see if it is overheating, humming but not turning, leaking, or has a burning electrical smell. If you have a deep submersible pump it is advisable to call a professional.

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3 Replies to “I have no water. Why does the pressure gauge on my pump or pressure tank say zero?”

  1. Thank You for the help! Great post, it really helped us figure out what is going on with our pressure gauge

  2. I have had the pleasure of having one of your staff members come to our home for the past couple of years servicing our system. His name is Nicholas Fitzpatrick. His customer service goes beyond. He is so courteous and very very pleasant and when asked a question gives us a full understanding of what we wanted to know. We would highly recommend this gentleman. Your Company has a real asset with this young man. He’s a keeper!

  3. It’s good to know that your well’s pressure might not be working if there is a problem with your pump. I tried to turn on the water today so that I could water my plants and noticed that nothing was coming out, I am worried that there might be a component in my pump that needs to be repaired or replaced. It might be a good idea to look for someone who can help me decide whether I need to repair or replace a part of my well.

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