The Water Shed

The Water Shed was founded by Environmental Technologist Stephen A. Burke in 1980.

Celebrating 40 Years, bringing Nova Scotians Clean water

Consecutivley winning the Consumer Choice Award for 10 Years

The Water Shed is the only place in the Atlantic region that offers this unique mix of products and services. Nobody else in Atlantic Canada combines all this under one roof..

We’re Nova Scotia’s largest water testing and treatment company.

As one of our longstanding services, we offer water testing. In addition, we have a water analysis service to assist and reassure home sellers & buyers during real estate transactions

Well Drilling and Well Services

When it comes to well drilling, well assessments and well services, we are at the ready to help whether you need a brand new well, your well needs a repair, your pump needs to be replaced, or your existing well isn’t producing enough water and needs a boost.

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The Water Shed carries a wide range of top quality water softeners, water treatment systems, well pumps, and other products..

The Water Shed supplies reverse osmosis (RO) systems for residential, commercial & industrial applications.

Reverse osmosis is an ultra-fine, high pressure filtration system that gives you safe, potable, good-tasting drinking water. Purification is achieved by physically removing contaminants found in water such as uranium, arsenic, and bacteria.

The removal happens at the molecular level and is similar to the way the human body’s cells absorb water. The pores in the RO system membrane are so small, only the water molecules will pass through. Contaminant laden material is rejected (just like the human body rejects waste) and is sent to drain.


Single Faucet System: The Osmopure RO 100 Under-the-Counter Drinking Water System

This reverse osmosis drinking water appliance processes, stores, and dispenses extremely pure, high-quality water. This RO system contains the largest membrane on the market for an under-the-counter system. Under normal working conditions, your appliance will process approximately 100 US gallons of water per day. It has a compact design and features an automatic shut off.

When used for all your drinking and cooking water needs, it improves the flavour of your beverages and food. It can also be used for watering house plants, in steam irons and humidifiers, and cleaning contact lenses, in addition to many other applications.


Whole-house Reverse Osmosis Systems

Whether you’ve drilled a saltwater well or draw domestic water directly from the sea, The Water Shed has the solution for treating your water. Our units are custom designed and constructed based on each client’s needs. Rates of production, storage capacity, and pre-treatment are just a few of the variables that factor into the development of the equipment.

Options for whole-house reverse osmosis designs and configuration include:

Standalone pre-treatment units
Combination filtrations units
Compact, free-standing upright ROs
Wall-mounted permanent ROs
Upright (vertical) water storage units
Domed, horizontal water storage units
120, 230 volt or combination power supplies

The Water Shed offers custom designed or off-the-shelf units with production rates of 100-40,000 gallons per day.


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If you have an office building or other commercial or industrial need, The Water Shed can custom design a system that will meet your water use requirements.

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