The Water Shed

The Water Shed was founded by Environmental Technologist Stephen A. Burke in 1980.

Celebrating 40 Years, bringing Nova Scotians Clean water

Consecutivley winning the Consumer Choice Award for 10 Years

The Water Shed is the only place in the Atlantic region that offers this unique mix of products and services. Nobody else in Atlantic Canada combines all this under one roof..

We’re Nova Scotia’s largest water testing and treatment company.

As one of our longstanding services, we offer water testing. In addition, we have a water analysis service to assist and reassure home sellers & buyers during real estate transactions

Well Drilling and Well Services

When it comes to well drilling, well assessments and well services, we are at the ready to help whether you need a brand new well, your well needs a repair, your pump needs to be replaced, or your existing well isn’t producing enough water and needs a boost.

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The Water Shed carries a wide range of top quality water softeners, water treatment systems, well pumps, and other products..


Your water supply may not be as clean as it appears. Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization disinfects your drinking water, makes it safe, and does not alter the taste, colour, or odour of your water.

UV technology is a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to primary disinfection, free of harmful by-products that come with chemical disinfectants. Although chlorine can be used to combat certain bacteria in water, it does not have the power to effectively treat the more harmful bacteria sometimes found in water. In addition, ultraviolet technology destroys waterborne contaminants that chemicals leave behind.

Whether you’ve got a residential or commercial property, The Water Shed can help keep your drinking water uncontaminated with a UV sterilization system. The Water Shed installs Viqua’s Sterilight® series and services most of the other leading brands. We carry 10 different kinds of UV bulbs for assorted brands.

UV sterilization is the perfect choice for treating water used for drinking and food preparation. Our systems are low in cost for both the product and its ongoing operation. The energy used to run a UV system in an average home is comparable to a 40-watt light bulb!

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