The Water Shed

The Water Shed was founded by Environmental Technologist Stephen A. Burke in 1980.

Celebrating 40 Years, bringing Nova Scotians Clean water

Consecutivley winning the Consumer Choice Award for 10 Years

The Water Shed is the only place in the Atlantic region that offers this unique mix of products and services. Nobody else in Atlantic Canada combines all this under one roof..

We’re Nova Scotia’s largest water testing and treatment company.

As one of our longstanding services, we offer water testing. In addition, we have a water analysis service to assist and reassure home sellers & buyers during real estate transactions

Well Drilling and Well Services

When it comes to well drilling, well assessments and well services, we are at the ready to help whether you need a brand new well, your well needs a repair, your pump needs to be replaced, or your existing well isn’t producing enough water and needs a boost.

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The Water Shed carries a wide range of top quality water softeners, water treatment systems, well pumps, and other products..


The Water Shed supplies, installs, replaces and repairs most types of pump systems for your new or existing well. With four certified pump installers on staff, we’re just a phone call away and ready to help!

Whether you’re a contractor or the owner of a home or cottage, we have a complete line of well pumps and related equipment:

Submersible Pumps (all with an extended 5 year warranty)
Pressure Tanks (also with 5 year warranties)
Optional Upgrades:

Variable Frequency Drive

Shallow Well Jet Pumps
Two Line Jet Pump Conversion

We advise contractors and home owners on the best choice of systems and on “smart technology” solutions, as the equipment continues to advance and evolve.

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We can help you find the solutions that you need.

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